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Welcome to a Summer of Expressing your Art!

 We know how busy a summer schedule can be; juggling vacations, overtime, kids programs, yards, summer improvements and gardening!  That is why we are offering 1 session events to help you keep in touch with your creative self and also so you can have some "me" time. Or do you need to entertain out of town guests or young members of your family?  We have over 40 different sessions that is sure to excite any of your guests!

 This booklet lists a schedule for all events for the summer.  However, any event can be made into a private party!  Let your guests look over the book, then call us to schedule a time and a teacher.  Or if you want to come in to create on a whim, any of the listings can be made on your own.  We will advise when we can or you can engage a teacher.  Always bring safety glasses and wear fully enclosed shoes when coming in to create at the Stained Glass Station.

 Skill Levels:

No Experience Required:  – Everyone is welcome!

Beginner: (Has had cutting class and made at least one item)

Intermediate: Have good cutting skills and/or soldering skills

 Must have had the Beginning Fusing Class

 or Beginning Stained Glass Class

 or Professional Methods Stained Glass Class

Experienced: Have good cutting skills and/or soldering skills

Must have completed either Professional Methods Stained Glass Class

or Beginning Fusing Class

 and have completed 3 or more projects.

Ages:  Minimum age to enjoy the class offered.  If you bring young ones, make sure they are capable of staying on task for a minimum of 45 minutes so you and our other students can enjoy their class.

 Register early for the class of your choice.

Always bring safety glasses and wear fully enclosed shoes as well as proper dress when in class.  No pregnant, soon to be pregnant, or nursing mothers are allowed in any class that has soldering or contact with lead.

  See store/website for cancellation policy. Schedule, pricing, and times are subject to change.


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