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Why you should choose A Stained Glass Station (SGS) to learn stained glass skills and arts.
Come join us in the art of stained glass. It is no longer a hidden secret or just a hobby thing, but a fascinating and entertaining art. Anyone can master the basic skills of creating a stained glass project. We teach techniques that have been used by centuries of stained glass artists and the science of stained glass. We keep current on the latest methods and products available in the stained glass field.  See our complete listing of classes and schedules for more information.  Please consider the following when you look for your guide to the stained glass arts.

1.  You need a teacher who is serious enough about this art to invest their own time and money to learn as much as they can from as many experts as possible.  Ask about the teacher's experience and qualifications both professional and academic.

2.  Are you given a choice of the tools you use?  Are you required to buy a kit? Can you try out the tools before you buy them?  Can you choose your glass?  At SGS, we let you try the cutters, the grinders, and the tools.  More importantly you do not have to buy any tools until you are ready at which time all current students are given kit pricing.

3.  We limit our beginner's class to 3-6 students.  It is very important that each student be given every opportunity to learn the skills and abilities to make colored glass into stained glass art.  We have tables that accommodate your height and ample table space for you to work comfortably.  Plus you are given access to our tools and classroom for the duration of the class.
4.  Can you come back to work on your skills?  At SGS, you are always welcome to audit any beginning class you have already completed for Free!  A policy that sets us apart from others in the field is our free auditing for graduating students.  Sometimes a student cannot indulge their art as they would like and enough time goes by that they do not feel confident in their stained glass knowledge.  Also, because we keep abreast of the latest techniques, science, and products, our teaching evolves and changes every year.  We do not want our graduating students to be left out!  Any student that has successfully completed any beginning stained glass or beginning fused glass class is welcome to audit the class for free.  Materials will be at the auditing student's expense but new notes and information are free!

For all of these reasons and more, we feel that we are your best stained glass / fused glass teachers.  Feel free to stop by, talk with us, and look at our classroom.  We will even give you the opportunity to speak with some of our students so you can "check us out!"

Private Classes and Tutoring:  If your schedule and ours do not mesh, we will be happy to arrange a private class for you in the subject of your choice. If you have missed a class or would like extra help with a particular skill, we would be happy to tutor you.

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